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Protect your account with new safety features

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Starting October 4th, we will be using SecureNow™ to provide authentication services to confirm your identity at the time of login.

SecureNow™ defends against evasive device and location schemes and provides strong device and location recognition at the time of login. Flexibility is key when it comes to delivering online protection for our customers. SecureNow™ offers you the choice of receiving a one-time password sent via SMS or voice to confirm your identity at the time of login. 

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SecureNow FAQs


• What is SecureNow?
SecureNow is an integrated and real-time risk-decisioning engine designed to centralize and simplify management while accelerating the response to security threats to ensure a positive digital banking experience.
• Why use SecureNow?
As fraudsters and bad actors evolve their strategies, financial institutions need a solution that keeps them one step ahead in safeguarding their end users’ accounts. SecureNow provides both a solution and a professional service to greatly reduce the risk of account takeover and other compromises.
• How does it work?

“Login Defense” will protect your identity by identifying your device to see if it has been seen before, check login history, uncover unwanted connections, and check for anomalies that you may not be aware of.

“Out of Band” authentication allows a user to be verified via an automated text messages or voice call that delivers a one-time passcode that user submits to online banking session.

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